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Honey Cranberry Iced

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bee kind Cranberry Iced Honey, 350g. 

Locally Made and harvested from local bee colonies n Langley, Surrey and Aldergrove. 
Introducing our highly anticipated Cranberry Iced Honey! Bring festive flair to your Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner table with this pretty pink combination of our local honey and locally grown cranberries. Delicious with ham or turkey. Spread it on your dinner rolls and turkey sandwiches. Smother your holiday pancakes, waffles or muffins. Add it to your charcuterie boards. This is a perfect hostess gift for the holidays!

Our fancy name for creamed honey, Iced Honey is smooth and spreadable and is one of our most popular items.  It is delicious on hot toast or in a cup of coffee or tea! Pure spices are mixed into the honey to create our different flavour combinations.  All of our products are made with unpasteurized honey, are 100% natural with no additives and no preservatives.  Iced honey is also known as whipped honey and honey butter.