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Honey Espresso Infused

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bee kind Lemon Infused Honey. 355g Pure, Unpasteurized Honey Canada No.1 Grade. 

Locally Made and harvested from local bee colonies n Langley, Surrey and Aldergrove. 

Our Espresso Infused Honey is made with our local honey and beans from coffee roasters Potter and Crow. This honey is amazing in coffee or paired with vanilla icecream

We are careful to only apply low heat, thereby not destroying the health benefits of the honey. After the ingredients are mixed with the honey, we allow our infusion to sit from four to eight weeks. During this time, we'll test the infusions for taste. Once we are happy with the flavour, we will then separate the ingredients from the honey, leaving the rich flavour of the infusion.  Each batch is safety tested for moisture levels.  All moisture levels are below 17.5%, thereby making it safe for consumer consumption.