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Natural Luxe B Pampas Type 6

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Lux B Pampas 

Colour: Natural (nude colour), untouched by a dye. As they are natural pampas, the colouring can vary. They can have blonde hues naturally, depending on how the light hits the plumes. They can also have natural shades of brown, grey and green undertones. 

Dimension: Our Type 6 Small Pampas Grass stem and plume are around 3.6-4 feet, and the ultra-soft plumes alone are roughly 1.5-2 feet. The stems can be trimmed to ensure they will work in any space. 

Use:  Style in your home on a table or a floor in a vase. Ideal for enhancing the beauty of wedding arches or creating a whimsical feel by lining the wedding aisle. 

Care: Blow-dry on a low heat power setting to fluff the plumes.