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About Us

Thrive Greenery is a Cloverdale family owned and operated business. I am so grateful to be able to open a shop in the heart of the community where my husband and I grew up as well as raised our kids.

Plants and flowers were always a big part of my life. As a kid I was influenced by my Grandma and Mom for the love of botanicals. 

My Grandma had the most impressive garden full of vegetables, fruits and berries. She also grew flowers and would cut them to have fresh flowers in the home. The sweet peas were my favorite. Their delicate beauty and sweet fragrance were a summer favorite.

House plants were also always a part of her home. I remember her beloved Christmas Cactus that she would move around the house throughout the year and it always gave the most glorious blooms at the right time. (Now I understand the basement for a few weeks in the fall trick)

I also remember the rubber plant (Ficus Burgundy) that she kept in the perfect corner window basked in northeast light. She gave me a cutting from it. I still have the plant that grew from it. My daughters have a cutting of it too, so it just keeps giving life to us all.

My Mom who is such a huge help to me in my business journey is at the store most days with me. Her constant support of me personally and at the shop is an absolute gift, I am blessed. Her years of experience and vast plant knowledge is such a treasure to me and our customers.

I remember thinking how crazy it was that we had to squish past the palms on one side and the weeping fig on the other side of the dining room to get to the table for fancy dinners. But now I am so impressed by her ability to keep the most beautiful, lush plants throughout our home growing up. I was lucky to see this nurturing of beautiful home décor, bringing nature indoors.

I come from a residential lighting background, growing up in a family business and seeing the importance of hard work as well as community support. I love helping people design their interior spaces. I moved into a corporate job with a manufacturer of lighting where I was able to manage a team, helped to create 2 new lighting companies and used my creativity to design residential lighting under an international brand name.

And though I loved the creativity of that position, I could not shake the desire to create something of my own. It is a loved balance to have time to create beautiful items as well as grow a new business and create a brand that I am proud to call my own.

I always thought that this space on the main street of downtown Cloverdale would be the perfect spot for a plant and flower shop, with the beautiful lighting streaking through the large storefront windows. So when it became available in May 2020, it was too good to pass up. And the dream, barely formed, became a reality.

I am so blessed to have this business and my loving, supportive husband Dave by my side to help with all things. I could not do any of this without him. Our 27 year marriage, 2 amazing adult daughters and now this business adventure have given me so much to be thankful for.  

Somehow I’ve found a way to blend the skills I’ve honed over the years with my love for plants, flowers and beautiful gifts into what is my dream career. I am proud to curate my shop with local artisans and my team and I strive to support our local community in many other ways through out the year. Thank you all for your support with this dream. I am so grateful and cannot wait to meet you at the Greenery.

With a full heart,
Tammy Gran