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Honey Chai Iced

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bee kind Chai Iced Honey, 350g. 

Locally Made and harvested from local bee colonies n Langley, Surrey and Aldergrove.

Our Chai Iced Honey is a fast favourite! Add this to your tea, coffee or hot chocolate to spice it up with our blend of aromatic spices. Spread it on a slice of toast or on a muffin. Our iced honey is spreadable, like a honey butter.

Our fancy name for creamed honey, Iced Honey is smooth and spreadable and is one of our most popular items.  It is delicious on hot toast or in a cup of coffee or tea! Pure spices are mixed into the honey to create our different flavour combinations.  All of our products are made with unpasteurized honey, are 100% natural with no additives and no preservatives.  Iced honey is also known as whipped honey and honey butter.